Why Choose Magento for e-Commerce Website

Are you planning to set up your own online store?

Hiring a company specialising in Magento Leicester offers is the best solution, especially if you have a physical store in Blaby or other areas in Leicester. Website and software developers with knowledge of this e-commerce platform can help your website carve a space in the virtual marketplace and bring products to your client in the best way possible.

And because you’re operating in the same area as the web designers and builders, you won’t have to rack your brain on how to find a good eCommerce partner in Leicester.

But why choose Magento Leicester offers?

It comes with some amazing tools and features that will help you achieve the level of your business that you desire. Whether you want to keep it small scale or take it up to enterprise level, you will have the most suitable and functional eCommerce solution.

No wonder it remains a leading e-commerce platform despite major restructuring in the market. According to Datanyze, based on data from Alexa, Magento is one of the top two most powerful e-commerce platforms, taking 18% of the market share.

This means, in the Alexa Top 1 million, there are 14,500 Magento stores.

Why Magento deserves the second spot on the list of Top 10 e-commerce technologies?

Magento Power and Benefits

Open CMS

As an open source platform, Magento provides entrepreneurs an eCommerce solution that is completely customisable. You get the extensive flexibility that you need to build a platform that meets the needs and requirements of your business. Click here Leicester Website Design  for more details.

This is not something you can say for licensed software.

Multiple Features

Magento has similar primary features as other e-commerce platforms:

  • Website Management Features
  • Order Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Marketing Promotions and Tools
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Accounts
  • Catalogue Management
  • Product and Catalogue Browsing
  • Checkout, Payment, & Shipping

But closer inspection will show that each feature has more to offer than its competitors. Suffice to say that with Magento Leicester offers, you get good value for your money.

SEO and Promotion

With SEO features integrated into the platform, you can optimise every page of your online store for search engines. Now you have the option to not hire an SEO specialist and save you money.

With advanced analytics and reporting tools, on the other hand, you can create and fine tune your branding and online marketing efforts based on data you can measure.


Who knows how much products you will carry in your online shop over time? The numbers could go by hundreds or thousands. For every item you add, you want your e-commerce website to grow each time as well.

With Magento as a robust platform, you can easily develop and handle several storefronts from one place. Since it also supports various languages, you can expand your reach globally and target different geographic locations using the local language.

So go with Magento for your e-commerce website. In Leicester, you can find a cheap website design agency like Nine Dot Media to help achieve your online business goal. For more details, visit at http://www.leicesterwebsitedesign.com/ecommerce