A Guide on the Various Excavation Methods Today

When carrying out any construction work at your site, excavation of your construction site is expected to take place. Note that this is a fundamental and vital construction method used today. For any construction work to kick off, excavation of the grounds has to take place. Excavation is carried out to get rid of soil from the site to replenish the soil contents. Today, modern technology has made construction projects quite easy to go about. Note that construction developments, especially excavations cannot be accomplished effectively without the assistance of excavation machinery as well as contractors. Keep in mind that both play a significant role in excavation, and you are likely to find professional excavators as well as modern excavating machinery on any construction site. The following are some of the methods used in Excavation Melbourne offers today:

  • Vacuum Method

It is vital to note that Vacuum Excavation operates using a high-powered vacuum suction system to unearth soils and other constituents in the course of site examination and the development of construction buildings. Vacuum Excavation Melbourne market has today embraced this new technology excavation method which using water or air, helps to slacken the soil unlike using handheld machines and other mechanical methods. This is because such methods may result in destroying underground utilities such as sewers, water and gas pipes. The method is highly opted for by construction experts due to numerous benefits non destructive digging has at present. Note that once the soil is obtained from the surface, it is moved to a debris storage area and later disposed of in a different location.

  • Vertical Method

This type of excavation method is highly preferred by contractors during construction projects. This is so, especially when the construction site is huge and located in an urban area having many commercial and residential structures surrounding it. As a result, a different level of the excavation site is uncovered each time during excavation, leading to a vertical mineshaft with the rock layers and soil visible.

  • Horizontal Method

You should keep in mind that the horizontal type of excavation method is preferred when your construction location is shallow and contains light. Also, the construction area should have no commercial or residential structures near it.

  • Hybrid Method

Construction experts prefer this kind of excavation method where the construction site requires the use of both the vertical and horizontal excavation methods. This is so when there is a necessity for the construction site to move deeper in the earth.

  • Step Trenching Method

This excavation method is used when you are required to engage in deep digging during your construction project. You will realize that the more you dig deeper, the narrower your excavation ground becomes. Thus, keep in mind that  experts in Excavation Melbourne has to offer gives an advice on how to go about your construction project. Check Envirolink for more details.

It is important to remember that for your construction project to be a success, the excavation method you engage in should be well planned before the excavation process commences. This includes researching the type of soil on your construction site to avoid mishaps when carrying out the excavation process. For more information, just visit us at http://envirolink.com.au/