An introduction to the growth of self storage business

Self storage industry has witnessed enormous improvements since the time it was started in 1970. The storage facility was started with an intention to augment the existing storage facilities of business enterprises and industries. Gradually, the self storage facility was extended to individuals to store their personal belongings like furniture, clothes, documents and other household articles. Meanwhile, in order to meet the needs of small business enterprises and individuals, the exclusively designed Spotswood moving boxes and other local quality boxes were also introduced. Now in order to achieve energy conservation, some of the self storage enterprises have started adopting green storage technology.

Modern technological advancements:

This is a unique storage technology which ensures safety of the materials stored in the self storage unit. At the same time, this technology also helps in reducing the overhead cost of managing the self storage unit. For example, this green storage technology is provided with flat roofs. Some of the self storage providers have installed solar panels over the roof and have started generating electricity. Apart from this, some of the self storage enterprises have started building storage units using recycled materials. Therefore, the utility of self storage units has gone beyond providing Spotswood moving boxes to their esteemed clients to keep their personal belongings.

Exclusive service:

Customer service and satisfaction are the ultimate goals of every business and this is true even in the case of the self storage business. In order to achieve this, the firms that provide services of business storage Melbourne wide go extra mile to serve their esteemed customers.  One such exclusive service is ‘storage by the bin’.

Service at your doorstep:

This is a unique service wherein you will put all your belongings in a bin which could be different from the customary Spotswood moving boxes. You will hand over the bin to the self storage company. Whenever you require the box, you may send a request and the self storage company will deliver the bin to you. In fact, this is a unique self storage facility and this service is gaining popularity in the self storage business.

Exclusive software:

With the growth in the industrial sector there has been a corresponding growth in the self storage business too. This has prompted the hitherto non users of self storage units also to look for suitable storage facilities to store their products. The growth of personal storage places Fitzroy wide has reached such a stage that exclusive software for managing the self storage units have also been introduced to the market. Read more at Public Self Storage

Growth of Self Storage business:

The self storage business has registered an annual growth of 17% in Australia. In fact, similar growth has been observed in several European countries as well. This growth has become possible not only because of the industrial growth but also because of reliable service provided by the self storage business enterprises. For example, the self storage enterprises provide trucks of the required capacity so that the clients can bring their belongings to the self storage unit. Similarly, the self storage units provide suitable Southbank packing materials which help in the safety of the materials that are packed.

Transparency in dealings:

If you are looking for reliable self storage units, you may visit websites such as where you will be able to get self storage units at an affordable rental. Such reputed storage enterprises always aim at customer satisfaction and transparency in all business dealings.