Secure Your Home with Professional Termite Inspection

When termites invade your premises, they can cause serious damage, which results in value reduction and loss of money. Especially when the property is up for sale, you might lose up to 75 percent of the actual value just due to termite infestation. To avoid the disappointment, you need to involve North Brisbane termite inspection firms to verify their presence and to offer appropriate advice. Termite inspection firms exist to help you make your home or business premises safe from termite attack.

north brisbane termite inspection

Dangers arising from termite infestation

Termites are dangerous pests that can eat internal wooden structures of buildings and cause serious damage. Besides, their presence is hard to detect. Everything that looks solid to you may collapse due to termite attack. To maintain the security of your home against the dangers they impose, the services of termite inspection in north Brisbane are quite necessary.

 Areas vulnerable to termite attack

The wooden structures in the basement and crawl spaces should be checked regularly for termite attack. Windowsills and frames in the basement are potential areas that termites can attack. Support posts, sub floors, joists, wooden deck, or porches are other vulnerable areas for termite attack. By involving professionals that conduct North Brisbane termite inspection in homes or in business premises, you could identify potential areas that could cause havoc to your home.

Have your home ‘pre-treated’ for termite attack

Based on the loss you can incur when termites attack your property, it is necessary to have your property pre-treated for termites. In Brisbane, you could consult a reliable company for termite inspection. The process includes overall inspection, detection, and control. The professionals create a physical termite barrier around vulnerable areas to prevent a possible attack. More information brand name: 360 Building And Pest Inspections

Besides, they also use a special chemical, termiticide, between the soil and concrete slabs.

The chemical does not kill the termites always but can discourage them from entering your home through the foundations. Every homeowner should take steps to inspect their home in every 12 months for a possible retreatment. Termite inspection North Brisbane firms have the relevant facilities and knowledge to pre-treat your home and to safeguard your home against termite attacks.

What should be inspected?

A quality termite inspection should cover various points. Reliable inspection professionals conduct a thorough property and building inspection, including roofs and subfloor void. They also inspect wooden structures and fences that touch the earth and apply necessary control measures. Areas with excessive moisture and sloping soil levels should be understood well and proper termite treatment done based on Building code of Australia, and federal and state laws. This ensures a long-term residual control.

Most of the firms that conduct North Brisbane termite inspection offer quality service at your doorstep. You can click on websites like to understand all the services you get when you consult professional termite inspection firm.

Termites can cause havoc to your home and you should ensure that you keep your home safe from them. Best termite inspection in North Brisbane can help a long way in saving your home from extensive damage and loss of value.