Wood Shredders and Granulators – Helping in Prolonging the Life of Wood

There is a global movement towards saving our environment for the future and to reduce the cutting down of trees and if possible plant many more. These efforts and concerns have resulted in the availability of wood for various purposes. Although wood has been replaced by other materials like plastic, there are still many applications where wood is still preferred and cannot be easily replaced. So the next best thing is for the users to recycle the wood. One of the equipment needed in this recycling process is the wood shredder. If you are looking for a wood shredder for sale, you should be able to find one through a search on the Internet.

Shredders Come in Many Sizes and Specs

The basic function of a wood shredder is just to shred the wood into smaller particles, which can be used to make many items of wood and articles like plywood sheets. The wood shredders work with knives, which are moved by means of rotors. The size of the rotor, its width, to be precise, determines the overall size of the shredder and the number of rotor knives fitted in them. Those looking for a wood shredder for sale would have to first have the details of the capacity of wood to be shredded on a per day basis. This would enable you to decide as to what size of a shredder to buy. You can then negotiate the prices and place the order.

Material of Construction and Uses of Wood Shredders

A typical wood shredder is made largely of steel. The outer shell or body is made from steel plates, and the main inlet for the wood pieces is the hopper, again made of steel. The hopper is usually made in a conical shape, wide at the feeding end enabling the wood to slide down. The company using the shredder to get the wood converted into wooden particles will have to first source the wood to be shredded or pulverised. One major source is the wooden pallets used for shipping goods and after the cargo has been removed the pallets have virtually no use. A certain quantity might be reworked and reused. However, many industries might insist on using new wooden pallets for shipping their products. But the pallets will have to be dismantled and any foreign particles like nails, etc. first removed, before being fed into the hopper of the wood shredder.

The wood shredder will also have provisions for adjusting the knife angles and settings to set the size of the wooden particles you wish to shred the wood into. This is critical because the final usage of the shredded wood pieces will determine the size in which they are to be produced. For purposes like making the plywood boards, the shredded particle will have to be quite small. So, if you are making plywood, besides buying the main wood shredder for sale, you will have to also add a granulator in the line. It is therefore, common to see that the wood shredder would many times be part of the production line of a final product as part of a backward integration. Start with the waste wood, shred it and granulate it further and the intermediate item you get becomes the basic raw material for the final product the plant is producing.